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Fraud Examination

One significant and hidden hurtful cost of doing business that most organizations fail to consider is fraud. Since these cost are, in fact, hidden they often are not quantified until discovered. Once discovered, it may be too late to stop the devastating losses already impacting the organization. Once we've established fraud is a "cost of doing business", the question becomes how to tackle the issue and minimize the chances of it creating a catastrophe within an organization.


Proper techniques of fraud prevention and detection can help hedge against such losses.  The goal is to minimize the impact of fraud to an organization. Partnering with a firm that can advise you about realistic prevention and detection techniques can do just that. Some of our commonly requested services include:

    • Fraud Detection and Prevention Training
    • Internal Control Reviews
    • Cash Reviews and Reconciliations
    • Inventory Observations
    • Asset Verifications 

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Internal Controls

Internal Controls
A successful internal control environment should allow an organization to achieve consistent, timely and useful information.


Customized training programs that can increase the productivity, as well as, the effectiveness of various accounting functions is often a challenge.  Our firm delivers these programs to your door, to your staff.