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Organizational Excellence

There is a plethora of Total Quality Management (TQM) initiatives across the global spheres today.  Each of them offers those who dare to employ the "Program of the Month" with a meaningful upside to their efforts if they have the required discipline and fortitude to take on the challenges associated with organizational culture change.  Today's competitive marketplace no longer allows an organization to simply stay in one place or rest on historical successes.  Change, and the need for continual improvement, is now an expectation and it's here to stay. 

Our firm has the experience and expertise to help your organization with its quest for continual improvement and organizational excellence.  Hands on experience with business process modeling includes the following:

    •  Malcolm Baldridge Business Process Model
    •  European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM)

      Unlike most TQM initiatives (Lean Mfg., Six Sigma, ISO9000, etc.), both the Malcolm Baldridge and the EFQM models are comprehensive business process models.  The focus is on linking an organizations key processes together across departments - from the board room to the mailroom.  Creating a more unified approach to defining, managing, and improving an organizations overall performance is the goal.  In fact, all  the other TQM programs can be easily incorporated as integral components of the organizations optimization process.  Organizations capable of encapsulating the right operating model with solid execution skills can become the benchmark for others to follow during good times and bad.

Our firm will guide your organization as it walks through the self-assessment process.  We'll facilitate your team's efforts to define the organizations strengths, improvement opportunities, and result metrics in the following key processes: 

    •    Leadership
    •    Strategic Planning
    •    Customers and Market
    •    Measurement, Analysis, and Knowledge Management
    •    Workforce (People)
    •    Operations/Process Management
    •    Business Results (KPI's - Key Process Indicators)

Your organizations quest for operational excellence can start as small as a single department or be as broad as a global enterprise.   Best-in-class organizations who utilize the self-assessment business model define their goals and improve their processes by inviting the entire organization's participation.  This is no short-term "Program-of-the-Month" initiative.  Organizational Excellence is a journey!  The good thing is your organization defines it and owns it.  You'll be equipped with a means of establishing a quantitative current state and be able to measure your teams progress and successes. It provides the organization with a roadmap for cooperation and collaboration in defining ways to meet or exceed stakeholder and customer expectations alike.  Take the journey and become a high-performance organization!  

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