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Employee Attitudes and Talent Development

It is not uncommon for organizations to incur somewhere between 25-50% of total annual operating expenses devoted to wages, payroll related taxes, benefits, etc.  This does not factor in the hidden costs affiliated with disengaged team members.  Identify and add these to the known costs and you begin to realize just how important human capital is to the success of your operation.  Those "best places to work" companies you hear about understand and recognize that their investment in human capital means they have a competitive edge.  They're able to generate a return on their investment.

The world certainly has become technologically advanced, however, any organizations success still rests on the shoulders of those responsible for developing, operating, and maintaining that technology.  Our firm can help you determine how and what your people are feeling.  From the data collected we can help your organization focus on where changes are needed and why.  By understanding and effectively communicating with your people, the organization can then begin defining and prioritizing meaningful corrective actions.

What we do to  help:

   •   Conduct an employee attitude survey designed to determine the organizational climate

        including areas ranging from leadership to job security.
   •   Compile the data collected in an easy to understand format.
   •   Conduct independent employee feedback meetings designed to gather the why's and how's behind the results.

   •   Work with the leadership team in order to prioritize and define corrective action plans.

More often than not employee attitude surveys fail to deliver what management originally had promised.  Large amounts of time, money, and energy are invested only to fall short of intended goals.  Like anything of real value, organizations need to fully understand the commitment required to allow such an endeavor to produce the fruitful results desired.  

What you'll need:

   •   A strong leadership commitment to your people.
   •   A willingness to listen to AND hear, with an open mind, what is being communicated.
   •   A willingness to communicate respectfully - openly, honestly, and transparently.
   •   A willingness to stay the course, follow-through, and drive cultural and behavioral change if needed.

What you'll gain in return:

   •   An ability to link your employee attitudes to other organizational metrics.
   •   An ability to define and tie organizational and individual goals and objectives.
   •   An ability to define both leadership and team member development opportunities.
   •   An ability to improve employee morale, retention, productivity, and organizational performance.

   •   An opportunity to deliver world-class customer service....internally as well as externally.
   •   And lastly.......Respect!

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